Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Virtual replica of 38 Oxley Road

It was a big blunder for Lee HL to create a feud with his two siblings over the demolition of LKY's house. There is no value in its preservation, especially when it goes against the wishes and values of his father and, after LKY's demise, against the strong opposition of his two siblings.

If he wants to preserve the memory of the house, there are ways to achieve it - such as creating a virtual replica of the house. The old house is not the most important reminder of LKY - the continued success of Singapore is.

There is still a chance for Lee HL to salvage the situation. He can disband the awkward ministerial committee and accept the Final Will as binding. This will allow his siblings to demolish the house but after the experts had captured the images for the virtual replica of the house. The dispute would die down and peace will return.

Here is the solution.

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5757quanto said...

Mr Tan K L is very generous and a man with a heart to provide the PM with a viable proposal.
Good man always die first.

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