Saturday, July 22, 2017

Constructing a viaduct

Look at how Singapore construct our viaduct. Well, one viaduct had collapsed during construction.…/pie-work-site-accident-cra…

Watch this video to see how China constructs its viaduct. It is so sad, that Singapore had remained so backward under the PAP government.

We have to change the way that Singapore is governed.

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Anonymous said...

The govt has to bear 80% of the blame for the collapse.

Companies are not charities. They exist solely to maximize profits for owners & senior management, even if junior staff may be unfairly treated or exploited. They will merely hire the cheapest & least trained staff, and provide the lowest basic safety level, that the company can get away with as stipulated in the law.

Companies have to do this, as S'pore govt operates on the lowest bidding tender system. Not a single cent more for "good to have".

Using high tech machines requires lots of cash, and need to hire more highly trained more expensive staff. Companies will not do it as long not required to win tenders.

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