Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tips for young people - should I continue my life insurance policy?

I have often received an email from a young person who bought a life insurance policy recently and now have second thoughts about the policy. They asked me for my view on whether they should terminate the policy.

I find it difficult to answer this question.
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Anonymous said...

Refer to an expert to see if the fact find is properly conducted .Fact find is the only place where u can check whether u have been conned . If it found u have been cheated refer to CASE for help or complain directly to MAS for prosecution of the agent and the company.

Anonymous said...

1. Dont buy any insurance at the roadshows.
2. Before buying consult this website for product
You can buy wholelife and term insurance without paying commission at this website.
3. You can buy any insurance from 2 companies with 50% commission rebates.
a] fundsupermart
b] Provident advisory
4. There about 5 companies licensed under FAA providing roboadvice with very low fees and more importantly unbaised and objective advice, ie. advice in consumers' best interest and not their own pockets. It is well known insurance agents and advisers advise what benefits them the most and customers are conned into buying products that are not suitable but carry high commission.Beware of these agents.

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