Wednesday, December 27, 2017

An effective way to deal with corruption

I met a senior person who reported directly to Robert Kuok. I asked him how RK dealt with corruption when he ventured into China in the early days when corruption was rampant.

He shared this story with me.

RK was developing a golf course in a province in South China. The local official, who gives the development permit asked RK - If I approve this plan, how many free golf membership can you give to me?

RK replied - I can give you as many golf membership as you want, but the question is - do you dare to receive them?

The local official went back and consulted his family. The following week, he came back with the signed approval but did not ask for the golf membership.

What made the local official change his mind?

My friend said that the local official was afraid that RK might complain to the top people in Beijing and the local official could be punished severefly for corruption.

I do not know if this is a true story, but this is another way to deal with corruption.

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