Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Two reasons to buy an apartment in Forest City

I invited my Indonesian friend and his family to spend Christmas eve at Forest City.

On Christmas day, the family decided to buy a small apartment at Forest City. They wanted to send their eldest son to attend the international school in Forest City in two years time.

As an property investor, they also get the right of permanent residency in Malaysia for the family. This would be useful in case there is a recurrence of racial riots which occured twenty years ago.

The cost of the investment was RM 800,000. They could afford it within their family budget, although they were just a middle income family.

I did not expect the family to be so decisive and to make this investment. They told me that they had been considering this matter for some time. They decided to make this important decision when they saw the opportunity.

I expect that many other families in Indonesia will follow their example.

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