Sunday, February 11, 2018

Is Malaysia taking the lead to improve business and social links with Singapore?

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Yujuan said...

A country obsessed with control freak syndrome, can't progress, people just clamp up.
Watch channel 8 Mi Yue legend, where the Qin King allowed an open place for intellectuals and scholars to debate freely without restrictions on politics, upon which the King analysed and made his decisions, thus setting the foundation for Qin to unite all the kingdoms in ancient China to become the Qin Dynasty.
Singapore has lots to learn from our Chinese history, and from present day China, see how other countries are now leading us by the nose, penalizing us moving at tortoise pace.
Sticking to past glories and obsessed with one's dignity won't put rice on table, esp with the Asian God of Fortune, China, tracking us.
An intelligent man could be blinded by one's intelligence, thus the blind leading the blind. Inbreeding leads to inertia, fresh blood given authority brings new ideas from outside, vital for our survival.
The new world is leaving us behind fast. Our Govt is too slow, the 20/20 vision a fallacy, should change direction 10 years ago.
All the yes men dun dare to point out anything to PM Lee, Singapore taxpayers paying to upkeep just parrots in Govt.
We have to rely on building infrastructure, property construction to boost GDP growth, so sad.
What a waste of our kids scoring No 1 and 2 in international Maths and science contests, not one with a Noble prize nomination, we even have to import skilled foreigners to lead our own local talents. A joke.

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