Saturday, April 07, 2018

Have a curious mind, be willing to give it a try

I have shown my wooden puzzles to many people. I will share with you the most common reaction.

At least 9 out of 10 will reply - it is too difficult for me. I am not good at this kind of things.

They reflect a total lack of curiosity, an unwillingness to even give it a try. It showed a totally closed mind.

This is a characteristics quite common among Singaporeans. I think most Asians have this trait. I am not sure about westerners. Maybe, they are more open minded and curious?

I am quite different from most people. I have a curious mind. I want to try any new puzzle, even at my age!

I also learned that any new puzzle, any new challenge, can be learned. Especially, if there is someone around to teach us.

During the Genting Dream Cruise, I decided to join the Cha Cha Dance lesson. I knew Cha Cha before, but I lost it due to lack of practice. After 1 hour, I got back the basics. I will be watching a few Youtube videos to brush up.

Back to the wooden puzzles. If you want to open up your mind and curiosity, watch this video on the Magic Cube Wooden Puzzle. You can but the wooden puzzle in Jogjakarta or Bali.

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