Monday, April 09, 2018

Recording visitors to office buildings

I visited UOB Plaza this morning. The security guard wanted me to pass them my NRIC for safekeeping. They also asked for my mobile number, but I decline to give it to them.

I wonder what is the purpose of recording visitors to an office building?

Somebody said earlier - in case there is a fire, they will know who are in the building. Really? How often does this occur? Once in a lifetime?

What about shopping malls or cinemas? Do they need to record customers, to know who are in these places, in case there is a fire?

Why is there a need to record visitors to office buildings, which are public places?

I guess that many decades ago, some minister decided that this was necessary and the practice continue since. What a waste of manpower. No wonder we had to employ security guards from other countries, to keep the cost low.

It is better to stop the unproductive and unnecessary activities.

If there is a security risk, I prefer the security guards to check backpacks and keep an eye for terrorists carrying explosives, rather than record the particulars of visitors.

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