Sunday, May 13, 2018

Dealing with corruption in China - the early years

I share this story about Robert Kuok. Twenty years ago, I met his assistant. I asked how does Robert Kuok handle corruption in China, which was quite rampant at that time.

His assistant told me that Robert Kuok was one of the first foreign investor to enter China. He started to develop a golf course in a province in China. The local official asked him how many free golf membership he would get to sign the permit for the land use.

Robert Kuok told him - I can give you as many free membership as you want, but would you dare to accept it?

The official went back and did some checks. He learned that Robert Kuok had close connection with the top people in Beijing. He was afraid that Robert Kuok report report his extortion to the bosses in Beijing.

The official came back with the signed permit and did not dare to ask for free golf membership.

I am telling this story from memory. I might have got the details wrong. But it is not fake news, OK?

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