Thursday, May 03, 2018

ISEAS Talk - 14th General Election in Malaysia

I attended a full day talk conducted by ISEAS on the general election in Malaysia.

Here are my impressions of the presentations.

1. BN has a strong grassroots organisation; they are much better than the other parties.
2. BN still has strong support of the rural Malay vote.
3. They are likely to win Johore and Sarawak.
4. PH is a much weaker alliance compared to the previous election, due to the loss of PAS.
5. Dr. M party will not add much strength to PH, apart from Kedah.
6. The cost of living and GST are big issues.
7. The rural voters are not concerned about 1MDB, corruption and governance.

My assessment is that BN will win the general election. This may change if social media makes a big impact with the rural voters, but this is not likely to happen.

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