Monday, August 20, 2018

The Merdeka Generation package

Those born in the "Merdeka Generation" should not celebrate the "Merdeka Generation Package".


Are you not the generation that spent three years to serve National Service and another 15 years for reservist training that disrupt your career?

Are you not the generation that paid a higher price for your HDB flat?

Are you really so well off that can afford the exorbitant medical expenses that have increased mercilessly during the past decade?

Surely, the government can give you the same benefits as those expended to the "Pioneer Generation"?

Why does this penny pinching government not extend the PG package to your generation?

Why do they have to create a new package and give you less that what you need, less than what you deserve?

And this bad decision is taken after they have increased the water charges, electricity charges, transport charges and other charges that added to the cost of living? This is not counting the increase in GST to 9% that will be implemented in the near future.

Yes, the Merdeka Generation Package is better than nothing. Surely, as citizens you deserve more than nothing, after all the sacrifices that you made for your country?

Tan Kin Lian


Yujuan said...

Ya, should be included in the PG category in benefits. This an attempt to sweeten ground for the coming GE, but its benefits fall short of being enough, after heaping on us all the various increases in our costs of living.
Though not exactly peanuts, it does add further to healthcare burden to the Govt.
So expect further cost increases in future. Well, people could avoid buying cars, so COEs collection would be flat, we can restrict consuming goods and services due to impending 2% hike in GST, holy cow, the only source of more Govt revenues would be increasing property taxes.
Sort of taxing Peter, the richer one, to pay Paul, the poorer one, through property taxes and property stamp fees.

Yujuan said...

Like death, we can't escape property taxes and property related stamp fees, sure win revenue sources for the Govt.
So akan datang to pay more taxes for your properties.

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