Sunday, September 16, 2018

Conduct referendums in Singapore

I like the concept of referendum that is being conducted every three months in Switzerland.

The citizens are asked to give their votes on specific issues, e.g. should we continue national service? should we allow more immigrants? should we de-criminalize gay sex?

The results of the referendum guide their government in setting the policies and their parliament in passing new laws.

This is a good way to reflect the wishes of the people.

In many countries, the members of parliament vote based on vested interest or the interests of their financial supporters, who are the super rich. They do not reflect the wishes of the ordinary people.

This is the case in America. The voting is based on the wishes and interest of the super rich. Although the congressmen give their reasons for their voting decision, the ordinary people could see through their lies.

The situation is worse in Singapore. The law makers do not even give their reasons. There is a lack of transparency.

It is important to adopt the referendum system to give democracy its true meaning.

If we conduct referendums in Singapore, the work can be reduced considerably.

Most voters will opt to vote online using their SingPass. A secure system can be designed that is tamper proof and have adequate control and audit.

Voters who do not have online access can go to vote at the community centers.

Voting is NOT compulsory. Only those interested in the issue can take the trouble to vote. It will reflect the views of those who are impacted, one way or the other.

I know that it will never happen in Singapore, due to the wish of the people in power to preserve their power, rather than listen to the people. Maybe this is another reason for the voters to vote for a new government..

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Yujuan said...

The first Referendum that is crucial to Singapore's survival is asking citizens whether we should legislate a law to compel our 2 SWFs to be accountable to Parliament in their investment conduct, esp on overseas investments. Now we have a conflict of interest when both PM and his wife control both GIC and Temasek, better through non partisan fronts, and then make them accountable to Parliament, like the Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund. Transparency and accountability is crucial to preempt a future Rogue Govt from any evil ambitions.
Now we have a situation where the 2 SWFs report good news only through the controlled MSM, and "forget" to report bad news, with the President just a toothless rubber stamping tiger to oversee our Reserves.
This is not good for our country, prevention is better than cure, as Singapore has no physical natural resources to recover from disaster.

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