Monday, December 24, 2018

Vandalism of shared bikes

I posted a suggestion to provide shared bike under a public operator.

Some people commented that the problem of vandalism will make it non viable.

I disagree. Here are my reasons:

a) The shared bikes will be declared as public property. Vandalism will be an offence that can be prosecuted by the state.

b) We have existing laws to stop vandalism of public property. It has worked well. We do not see graffiti in public buildings and facilities.

c) The user who last borrowed the shared bike will be responsible to put it back in a designated place. This can be easily tracked.

I cannot understand a negative mindset, that is quite prevalent in Singapore. Some people seem to enjoy looking at the worst case scenario, rather than adopt a positive approach.

I know that it is difficult to change a mindset that has been molded over many years. But I will try.

I am quite confident that the problem of vandalism of shared bikes can be solved.

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