Sunday, January 27, 2019

Key factors at next general election

At a recent dinner event, I met two old friends - one was a retired PAP MP and another was a former PAP candidate.

They asked me for the feedback from the ground. What were the key factors that the people were unhappy about.

I hesitated to reply. Whatever I say, they are likely to challenge me. They are people who think they know all, even though they might be actively involved for many years.

So, I took out my mobile phone and showed them this page.

They looked at the results carefully and absorbed the finding. They could not argue with the webpage.

They asked me to add an item - quarrel between PM Lee and his siblings. How much impact will it have?

I did. I also added another two items - recent death of NS men during training and landing rights over Seletar Airport.

Can I ask you to vote on these issues?

You will get a prize after submitting your vote.


Anonymous said...

C'mmon lets empower with votes exceeding the clear vision and clearly define for people to feel it was what the people wanted. That is votes that exceed the minimum of 10000. Just like the WP legal donations the money roll in like nobody's business. People wanted to help. If you keep getting below 100 votes it masak masak.

Anonymous said...

People generally agree with themselves.

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