Sunday, January 06, 2019

Develop character and values

PM Lee said:

SINGAPORE - Calling on parents to support the recent changes to the education system, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday (Jan 5) said students in Singapore schools are being equipped with not just the skills to earn a living, but also those that help develop character and values.

This is because for the Republic to succeed, Singaporeans must not only be well-educated citizens and well-trained workers, they need to have "intangible but essential values", he added.

I agree with the thrust of his speech.

I suspect that the suggestion to "develop character and values" came from me.
I do not mind that he takes my ideas, but it would be nice for him to tell me about it.

What is a character, if a leader does not show a good example? (Pardon me, if I am rude or wrong).…/singapore-needs-more-than-ju…

By the way, the biggest obstacle is the full time National Service. It teaches people to be obedient and non-questioning. How can the character be built from robots?

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Character cannot earn big money , that means no house , no husband ,no car & no children.
Only with good grades one can achieve the Singapore dream.

You can still find character ,but in the minority. I do not have good character. If anyone hit me , I hit back. If they push me in Q ,I push back. In the bus they let me smell their arm pit , I do back. This is called survival of the fittest in an uncouth society.

Anonymous said...

Read Robert kiyosaki books

Anonymous said...

Last time I oso like dat. Stood out of way to allow people from lift to come out. Than all cheong in as soon as door open. Than I tot to myself , I will be forever waiting for lift if I have good character. now as soon as lift door open I cheong with my eyes on phone and ear plugs. I oso pretend no see no hear.

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