Friday, July 26, 2019

Adopt the light weight approach in design of mobile apps

The Ming Fa eatery at Upper Thomson Road allows me to pay by cash or by app.

I chose to pay by Fave, as it offers a rebate of 5%.

I opened by Fave app. It used by GPS location to identify the Ming Fa eatery, even before I scan the QR.

But it went in an endless loop and the page did not load. After waiting for some time, I closed the app and paid in CASH.

This is the problem with the design of the Fave app. (It probably applies to many other apps). It tried to be too smart. In the process, it went into an endless loop and gave a bad user experience.

Some of the bad experience is due to poor data connection. But the app designer should have adopted a light weight approach and avoided the non-essential features that cause the app to crash.

When will they ever learn?

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