Monday, September 30, 2019

Difficult to login to ACRA website

I have to submit a return to ACRA. I logged into their Bizfile website. The login page hang. I tried several times and it hanged.

I changed from Chrome browser to Internet Explorer. I faced the same issue.

I wasted 15 minutes and could not log into the portal.

That is not all. The login process requires me to enter the company ID, user ID, password and later to go through a 2FA process.

I cannot remember my password because ACRA requires it to be in certain format and does not allow a previous password to be used. I do not use this password often, so it is easy to forget. Fortunately, I recorded it online (which creates another risk - but I could not avoid it).

After I got into the portal, I will need to search for the page to file my return - which involves a change of share capital. It is not easy to find.

If I do not submit my return on time, ACRA will impose a heavy fine on me.

Why does our govt agency impose this kind of burden to the business community?

LHL - are you listening?

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