Friday, October 04, 2019

No need for PSLE exams to be so tough

Education minister Ong wanted to change the education system to reduce the stress for students.

I followed his changes and declared that they do not address the root of the problem. I was proved right.

What happened?


Anonymous said...

No strength of character. My job is hard, where can my mother write to complain? Tell me, though I know im getting paid for it.

Anonymous said...

25 people shortlisted for an interview. Interviewer wanted more than just grades. You cannot handle general knowledge. You cannot work in a team. What you memorised was not asked during the interview. Go home and cry. Lots of crying in life.

Anonymous said...

Why is not a safe place to have children-

Will they turn out to be voyeurs?

Will thy get molested?

Will they struggle in school?

How many times will they get their hearts broken?

Will they get married?

Will they be drug addicts or compulsive gambler?

Will inferior ministers govern the country they choose to live in?

Will they end up in jail?

And the lists goes on.

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