Friday, July 15, 2005

Boot licker?

Someone posted a positive comment about me, but preferred to remain anonymous. He was afraid of being accused of boot licking.

I have a way to overcome this fear.

I like to find positive things to say about other people. I am just being decent and encouraging. I am not boot licking.

We need to promote a climate of positiveness. We have to find positive things to say about other people. We have to create an optimistic climate.

I encourate other people to think positive, and be positive.


jeffyen said...

We need to promote a climate of positiveness. We have to find positive things to say about other people. We have to create an optimistic climate.

Very well said, sir! Respect!

Anonymous said...

someone comment badly about your site... Its like insulting you..

Maybe you should sue him for defamation whaahaa...

PrataKosong said...


Happened by your blog when it was featured in

At first i thought you were someone impersonating the CEO of NTUC. After reading further, i found out that you were actually the CEO of NTUC. It came as a kind of surprise. After all my impression of people in authority is that they keep their private lives apart from their public personae.

Well i must say that i am impressed with your style of writing and the way you put your view across so elegantly. I also feel that you're down to earth and have empathy for the man-in-the-streets.

However i must say i do not support some of your views (e.g having cameras to monitor maids) , but then again everyone are entitled to their own view points.

Singapore definitely needs more people like you in positions of authority.

When i start working after my uni studies, i will definitely take up an NTUC income insurance policy, in view of the fact that they place policy holders first.

SC Zhou.

Anonymous said...

Dear all

This is indeed NTUC Income CEO Mr Tan Kin Lian's blog.

If you don't believe, you can go to NTUC Income's official website below:

Click here

There is a direct link from the website to CEO Mr Tan's blog.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong to praise someone especially if its due. anyway .We can easily tell those who are bootlicking...:)

It's great encouragement to be praised especially by your boss.

Personally I have been encouraged greatly by Mr Tan and on a few occasions I was praised in public.

This has boost my morale and spur me further in my career..

I agree with Mr Tan....if praise is due give it..especially if you are leading a team, it will build up the team spirit greatly.

Positive energy attracts positive results...

Froggy said...

Agree .. it probably takes the same amount of calories to say -ve or +ve .. the result is definitely very different ..

+ves edifies/dignifies
-ves .. well .. simply spoils one's day

sharon tay said...

I can understand the feelings of the person who prefers to remain anonymous.

Sometimes, people perceive positive words and views as acts of flattery when there is none intended.

Do we tone down our thinking or do we continue to hold true to our beliefs?

I prefer to continue to express what is heartfelt. I stand true to my beliefs.

I agree with Mr. Tan - it is better to promote a climate of positiveness.

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