Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yob Culture in the UK

I read that some teanagers in the UK behaved badly. It is called yob culture. "yob" is the opposite of "boy" and refers to a hooligan.

The source of this problem appears to be single parents and lack of parental supervision. The correct values are not taught to the children.

Tony Blair, prime minister of the UK, is worried about the culture of "lack of respect" and "freedom without responsibility". He is trying to promote the value of respect.

The problem is so bad, that they have to pass a law on "anti-social behaviour". I am worried that some of these behaviour are happening in Singapore.


Grace said...

i agree...i'm actually doing research on this YOB/happy-slapping culture...apparently, it started off a very violent show screened on UK tv.

Anonymous said...

CEO, you think I am right or wrong to say, you are at UK culture i don't know. You can do something faster.

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