Monday, November 21, 2005

We give 26% discount for off-peak car

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Straits Times

Insurance premiums for off-peak cars are too high. Time to lower them

I refer to the letter written by Mr Winston Ng, "Insurance premiums for off-peak cars are too high..." (St Times Online, 19 Nov 2005).

Mr Ng felt that insurance premiums for off-peak are cars too high. He said that these cars spend less time on the road, contribute to less accidents and should enjoy a lower rate of premium.

We agree. In fact, NTUC Income now offers a discount of 26% to off-peak car owners.

NTUC Income insures nearly 40% of all cars in Singapore. We are able to use our large base of insured vehicles to calculate a fair premium rate for each category of risks, based on their actual claim experience. Our discount for off-peak cars is based on the actual claim experience for this category.

NTUC Income now insures 5,300 off-peak cars. This represents about 50% of the 11,000 off-peak cars in Singapore.

We are able to offer competitive premium rates because of our pro-active management of claims and satisfactory service. Generally, our premiums are about 10% lower than the market. The additional discount of 26% for off-peak cars make us even more attractive to this class of owners.

Tan Kin Lian
Chief Executive Officer
NTUC Income

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