Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Motor Insurance Covers Injury To Third Parties


As an orthopaedic surgeon, I have to write medical report for my patients who were unfortunate enough to be involved in road traffic accident.

The more unfortunate ones may lose their ability to work and some will lead long term, expensive medical care.

Whilst my sympathy lies with these victims, I also wonder what sort of bills the guilty party will face. I believe some court awards to accident victims may be very high, to cover the medical bills and perhaps loss of future earnings etc.

Whilst I do not foresee myself involving in major car accidents as the guilty party, this sort of thing is very unpredictable.

Naturally, I am not sure if I would be able to hand the potentially hefty damages that the court may award. I would not want to spend the rest of my working life paying off this debt, or worse, ending up as a bankrupt.

I do not think my vehicular insurance would cover such things. Should I buy a personal liability insurance?


If you drive a car and you injured someone in an accident and are liable, the motor insurance policy will cover your liability. The third party injury is covered by the motor insurance.

However, if you cause this injury through another negligent act, ie not involving your car, then you are personally liable.

We do have a personal liability insurance plan. If you are interested, let me know.

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:: juxtaposed by pearle :: said...

Hi Mr Tan,
I am an ardent reader in your blog.
One of the staff working at Income and Im under Motor Team.
It is a pleasure working here.
With full of challenges.
Regarding motor insurance, This is an extra bonus for me to read it from the maestro himself!

Many thanks!


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