Thursday, August 09, 2007

Customer friendly Call Center

Do you find it frustrating to get through the call center of large organisaionts, e.g. banks, credit card, telephone companies, airlines, government agencies?

Most of them have a telephone system that require the customer to press many buttons and listen to many options, before the customer can talk to a person. Quite often, the customer pressed the wrong button and got lost.

I have experience in setting up a call center that operates differntly. It won the world best award for "innovation technology". Here are ten tips on how a customer friend call center should be organised.

It gives a better customer experience, and still keep down the cost of handling the customer enquiries.

Do you like a call center that is operated on the 10 tips?

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Anonymous said...

I like your concept of the customer friendly call center. I hope that you can convince the large companies to adopt this method.

I find it frustrating to contact large companies who adopt their current systems. It takes a long time to get through.

I have to wait a long time listening to their recorded announcement, "your call is important to us". It is a farce.

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