Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adequate life insurance

Do you have adequate life insurance? Are you buying the right type of life insurance? What is the suitable plan for young people?

Watch this video:

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zhummmeng said...

The story in the video is representative of the Singapore noble insurance industry.
Almost every citizen has insurance and also almost every citizen is grossly under insured. Why? It is baffling, isn't it? After so many donkey years with the 'help' of expert insurance agents , the people are still grossly under insured. Something is amiss.Where is the nobility? The answer is not hard to find and it inevitably points to the greed, incompetence and unethical practices of the insurance agents.. The agents NEVER have the desire to see their cleints FULLY insured. They deliberately create shortfalls for themselves to sell more WL to them in the future under the pretext of insurance review. This creates a constant stream of potential income for themselves and so to the company they represent.
This is a damned dirty trick and scam of the agents and their companies.
Insurance Agents who sell whole life and endowment products, or with profit products are usually dishonest, unethical, conscienceless and despicable people.

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