Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Package 2008

We have so much trouble with the cutoff date for the Baby Package. The first cutoff date of 1 January 2009 brought a lot of protest from expecting mothers with babies due to be delivered this year. The revised cutoff date of 17 August produced another group of unhappy parents whose babies arrived earlier this year.

We faced this problem with cutoff date on many occasions during the past 25 years. Each time that new incentives were introduced, many parents felt disadvantaged by being on the wrong side of the cutoff date.

We never learned the lesson. Our birth-rate continued to decline over the years, in spite of the repeated efforts.

I met a Singaporean couple who worked in Perth and had their baby delivered there. The incentives given to parents in Australia are:

> AUD 5,000 on delivery of the baby
> 5 months of paid maternity leave
> An allowance to the mother who stopped work to look after the baby during the first two years
The incentive is simple, compared to our Baby Package introduced in Singapore.

Singapore has the unique system of incentives that differ according to the tax bracket of the parents, the working status of the mother, the birth order of the baby, the date of birth and other factors. We need to read a detailed booklet and to ask for explanation to understand the incentives.


mfonet said...

As with all policies in Singapore, our incentive schemes come with a number of terms and conditions. From CPF to baby bonus, one can't help but wonder, do all policymakers here go through a set of requirement, one of which is to have at least a X number of terms before one qualifies for the incentive?

The policymakers probably needs to loosen up and go with a broader idea of what they want to achieve, versus trying to please everyone. The latter approach seems to please no-one.

Jorbb said...

The summary can be found at

Anonymous said...

Fully agreed.

Singapore is almost at the brink of disaster because we are not replacing ourselves in numbers.

And yet they stingy in giving out generously for this sole purpose.

The day will come when it is too late and Singapore will be over-run and control by foreigners.

And the sad thing is Singapore government can afford to give more but are always a miser at heart.

She will live to regret that later on..... They share a big portion of the blame on their successful "Stop at 2" policy.

Anonymous said...

first, the whole world population is decreasing, not only Singapore.

2nd, with all the import of foreigners, Singapore is already partially controlled by outsiders, like it or not.
we only justify that we need them, do we really want this place to be over crowded.

last but not least, and very sad, in Singapore, you must be extremetly poor, near dying, dont have a roof above you, papers must publicise your plight and your whole family must be equally poor to receive a miseable subsidy package.

Dont forget, the government has prononced that Singapore is not and never will be a welfare state.
We, the citizen of Singapore needs to fend for ourselves. No body will!!!!!!!!!!

Think about it... who fault is it.
I say it is "we the citizen of Singapore" fault! We choose our leader.

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