Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad working experience with a global bank

Hi Mr Tan
I joined an insurance company recently and left within a year. The way the head of the life division managed was totally unacceptable to me. Due to the financial crisis, they reduced the headcount by half. I took the retrenchment package and left.

It was a very bad experience to work with this global bank but realised that the dark side of the truth. I am not surprised why the world financial system came to a sudden breakdown. Many so-called highcaliber management were only keen to spend, take fat bonus and use creative was to present result and figures. They cover up the losses and shown the revenue figures. To me, the bubble should have been burst long ago.


Parka said...

This sounds like there are not enough competition in the banking industry. Banks are getting to big and fat to care about their customers.

Solomon said...

It hsppened in every job sector.

I used to be a salary man in a multinational company which compnay vision centred around employee and customer. I worked my way up to the management level and thought that finally I could do something good for my fellow colleagues. The scene at management level was completely diffrent from what I thought. All the top management care about is profit,nothing else, employee was just a pawn or instrument for them to tweak to maximise profit. Their speeches and presenations made me sick to the core. After couple of years of disillusion, I quit.

The current corporate culture is destroying families. Husband and wife have to work long hours in order to secure their jobs. After work, they have nothing left for their family.

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