Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Compensation for Credit Linked Notes

If you have not been offfered or have rejected an inadequate offer of compensation, and you wish to lodge a complaint with FIDREC or take legal action, please provide your particulars in this survey.


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You can showcase your portfolio on the No win No Fee website.

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Welcome to the home of NoWinNoFee.Com

"No win No Fee" as our name suggest is the portal where you can find the general information about claiming. There is no obligation to use the services offered by No win No fee Portal.

What is a “No Win No Fee” compensation claim?
When ever you will be making claim for injury in the United Kingdom (UK) it involves no fee to the person who have received wounds in the accident and all legal cost will have to be worn by the other party (Third Party). So the question arise will it going to be successful? In case your claim is unsuccessful then most of the injury solicitors have signed up for the No win No fee agreement with the person (who have got injuries) for who they are fighting. So here you claim win does not depends on your lawyers as in how capable they are. It is also important to note that no all accidental claims have this arrangement as there can be injuries from the medical negligence and in some cases the process is too lengthy and it also implies to the Scottish and criminal injury claims. Quite good number of accident that occurred in the Scotland is subject to the injury lawyer fees and this is only if the claim is successful.

NOTE: you should always get a written confirmation from your lawyer to help you with the accidental claims.

How to make an accident compensation claim?
Accidental claims are not a lottery. It's the money that court feels is suitable for the suffering and financial loss that individual have undergone due to the accident. They will never be paid out for the near misses and the kind of injuries that does not affect your life much. It's never like that if you have been injured you will be liable to get the injury claim. You will get injury claim only if it have impacted your life or you have gone under lot of suffering. You will not be getting injury claim because your lawyer is too good.
You injury claim will only be successfully if the doctor who examined you provides with the report that you have been suffered because of it. So the injury compensation amount is based on the suffering that one has undergone and the financial loss that person has to bear because he was not able to work during the injury period. And the claim money is never calculated how much money the other person has in his bank. It's always based on the suffering you have undergone and the time when you failed to earn money because of the injury

It is recommended that every solicitor should work in “no win no fee” arrangement with you. As in this case your solicitor will always be doing his/her best to get you the claim and you are never supposed to shed any money from your pocket while your case is in the court.
Here you can have fixed fee arrangement or the percentage arrangement with the solicitor who will be handing your case.

No win No fee fixed fee arrangement

In this arrangement you agree to pay a fixed fee to the solicitor if he/she happens to get you the claim. There are certain positive and negative of this arrangement which are as

Positives: If you expect your claim to be large you will not be supposed to share too much of the claim compensation with the solicitor.
Negative: Your solicitor might not do his/her best to get you a good claim as he will only be getting the fixed fee after win. So for him the thing which matters most is the win not the amount

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