Friday, October 02, 2009

Privacy of patient data

According to this report from the consultant McKinsey, it is better for the patient records to be available for analysis and hold doctors accountable to deliver the expected level of care. Campaigners for privacy may be playing into the hands of people who does not wish to be accountable for their mistakes or bad practice. This is an interesting conclusion.


Vincent Sear said...

I've lived for many years in the US, where privacy campaigns are very strong. However, as time went by, I realised that most of them are silent non-campaigners as far as medical records are concerned. In fact, they understand it to be for their own good and general good. However, the medical privacy campaigners are more vocal and more media savvy. There're agenda and reasons for this, e.g. personally embarrassing records of sexually transmitted diseases or drug abuses.

J said...

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