Monday, September 28, 2009

Australia court allows claims against Lehman

* Australia court opens door to Lehman claims
* Town council to pursue claims for subprime losses
* Ruling is not an international precedent - IMF Ltd

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. TKL,

Maybe you want to consider a 1-Question survey on your blog to keep the MB/HN5 alive. E.g.

Q: How do you rate MAS performance in MB/HN5 saga?

a) Excellent - In control all the time
b) Average - Same as other regulators in the region
c) bad - Did nothing just perform normal reporting
d) Failed with flying colours - Totally don't care claiming it is not their problem.

Next Survey

Q : Should Sgp MAS follows HK SFC or Taiwan's example

a) Yes.
b) No.
c) No opinion.

Anonymous said...

MAS revealed sometime ago Lehman Singapore has about $48m frozen up here. RBS minibond clients
have now sued Lehman Singapore, Minibond Cayman
Island, and the bank RBS (formerly ABN) through
lawyer Campos for compensation.
Recently MAS has quietly requested Minibond victims to take legal action against their FIs who sold them the products. Looks like MAS is
endorsing investors to sue, and thus it's advisable for RBS clients to join the lawyer Campos in the suit, as if sucessful these investors would have first bite of the Leman's
frozen funds.

Anonymous said...

6.29pm I heard the same story also. BUT do not expect MAS to admit openly endorsing the class action. Pleae read in between the lines.Minibond investor please do not wait for free ride. Act now before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

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