Saturday, October 03, 2009

Crashgate - it ain't over

Read this article in Today Online.

Conrad Raj wrote about the incident where a Renault driver crashed his car deliberately at the inaugural SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. A minister said that the Government will not be pursuing this matter, as it is a tactic used by the team. Conrad Raj asked:

* What about the crime of endangering life and limb?
* What about corruption of the highest order?
* What makes this crime so different from soccer fixing?

He said that the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau ought to investigate this matter. I agree with his views.


Anonymous said...

Different strokes for different folks. It happened for investigations and sentencing.

Vincent Sear said...

I agree that it was an unsporting and shameful incident. I also agree that the F1 punishments meted out to all those involved look too lenient for the integrity of the sport.

However, I don't agree with Conrad Raj's suggestion that it's a case for CPIB investigation. There's no indication or allegation that anyone was bribed. The incident was teammates using foul tactics in sport play. It's a matter for the sport.

For example in football, this happens frequently too, a player hacking down an opponent player to clear a teammate through for a scoring opportunity, hoping that the referee missed it and his teammate scores. It's not uncommon that victims (or even perpetrators) of such foul tactics ended up with broken legs or other serious injuries.

However, it's still a different matter from accepting bribes to commit fouls, stage fake errors or fix results. That then is corruption.

Anonymous said...

The system here only use to "eat" locals. Punish locals or heartlanders severly and act like a parent. When the problem happen to be part of the team, like MAS in the case of MB mis-selling, nothing is done. How to ask court to punish Govt owned DBS for mis-selling HN5 to uneducated people? If court cannot punish DBS, then nothing will happen to the FIs selling MB.

So you want court to punish foreigner for cheating in the race?

Like MAS, they will say it is "none of their business as they cannot micro manage." or "the publicity has tarnished their names."

So don't waste time, move on. The system is only good to be use internally for people living here.

A Singaporean said...

1. I do not agree that CPIB should investigate this issue because I don't think corruption has taken place. It is a matter internal to the F1 sporting community and hence it is best for the F1 organizers to settle this issue internally.

2. I also do not agree with the minister comment that it is "just a particular team's tactic", because it sends a wrong signal. I would have preferred that he explained the government's position using point 1 above.

Anonymous said...

Deliberately destroying public property and our shameless minister still dare say it is tactic. The corruption board should not only investigate and charge the driver for vandalism, they should also rightfully investigate the minister for corruption that for money and wealth, he cover-up vandalism.

I have suggestion for the driver if tactic can be excused. Purposely know down the minister to distract other drivers since it is legal for tactic purpose too.

Anonymous said...

hmm... next time when IR opens. Some professionals go into the casino. use some tricks or gadgets and win a lot of money. Would it be a case where police or some agencies will get involved?

Paul Ananth said...

I don't agree with Vincent

This was a fixed result. Isn't that CPIB's job?

Anonymous said...

I think it should be investigated. So much is talk about environment. Why not an electric car race? I think our government is running out of idea to grow GDP so they go for F1(burning hydrocarbon fuel), Casino, & let speculator push the property price high so they can release land sale @ higher price.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is managed and sold like a prostitute.
Therefore, image is THE most important of all.

When F1 race was in progress, all departments involved were told to abide by very strict rules and if certain officials wanted certain things done, for the sake and success of the event,it will be done... at the cost of ordinary people.

This is done under the banner that the event will bring in xxx millions for the economy. I believe it helps the merchants and does not trickle down to you and me. Did it?

Look and evaluate the upcoming APEC meeting in Nov. Ask yourself: what will it do for me?
Ha! ha!.. great showcase for to display what?
What will the delegates see and experience?

Lets invite them to accompany you or me to our workplace and allow them to experience public transport... eat at hawker centre, all without being escorted and guided by a camp-de-aide.

Of course this will never happen, because our Government Hosts will disagree on all counts.

But please, just monitor the press the reports about the meeting, and judge for yourselves. Ask yourself: What is it for me?

Vincent Sear said...

Paul, I respect your point of view. However, from my point of view, it's not "fixing result"; it's playing by foul means to win. Anyway, it's just my opinion; may not be right.

Anonymous said...

If you drew millions of dollars in salary, end of the year you must list down your acheivements in order to justify for a pay raise. The APEC meetings and visiting foreign countries for trade talks are some of the easy achievements to show they deserved for the above salary on the interest of 4 million people.

Imagine if Mrs Clinton uses the above calculation, she need to be paid US$14 millions a year to look after 300 million people. [She currently draws $200,000 a year]

Anonymous said...

to me, this situation is very similar to a football game.

look, i am a footballer. in order for my team to score goal, i planned and decided to fix and injure their top goalie and so that they became handicap.

I got sent off and kena a life ban for that act. and yes, i purposely do it. But that doesnt means that i take am corrupt. The same goes to last yr F1 race.

Hence, i agree with Vincent's point of view.

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