Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Help small business hire again

The key to economic recovery is employment and creating new jobs, especially by small business.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately our civil servants are not very interested in helping Singapore SMEs. To them, Singapore SMEs are similar to a kind of pest.

Anonymous said...

Not "not very interest".
Not interested at all.

Anonymous said...

But are small businesses able to create many decent paying jobs?

If not, these jobs created will go to cheap and young foreign talents which are readily available due to govt policy. And boost economic growth!

So locals will still be complaining! And worst hit are the middle age unemployed who could not get a low paying job even if he wanted to, for reasons above.

Vincent Sear said...

I have a friend who owns two wet market fresh fish stalls in Serangoon and Chinatown. He privately told me, can't stand Singaporeans anymore, not that their faults, but he's simply struggling with ICT, MOB, IPPT and RT callups. He now runs a PR only hiring policy. What to say? He pays and is entitled to choose.

Frankly, if I'd put up my own money to setup a business, I'd follow the same line of thinking and practice. If the government says it's illegal, then I'd close the business. If I'm rich enough to start a business in Singapore, I'd probably be rich enough to start one elsewhere, or even not starting one at all and live off my money. The NS and reservist disadvantage must be addressed and solved. No use just banging chests and singing songs about loyalty.

Anonymous said...

If you are a SME, you would be much better off setting up a biz elsewhere. Those pro-business policies you hear so much about are for GLCs and MNCs. As an example, it is quite easy for GLCs and MNCs to get passes for FT. If you are an SME on other hand, your application would probably be scrutinised and rejected at the drop of a hat.

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