Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Expressing my views

I write in this blog to give my views and observations. Readers are free to give their views, which may differ from my views. In doing so, there is no need for them to criticize or attack my views, especially if they are doing so anonymously or under a fake name. I recognize one troublesome person, by his style of writing, who has a habit of being cynical and negative. I hope that he can create his own blog to write his views, rather than be a nuisance in my blog.


G C said...

All of us are free to express our own view but this should be done in a responsible manner. It is really unnecessary to attack a person view.

If anyone read Mr.Tan's comments and his views on many issues with sincerity you will find his views not only useful and practical you also find he is honest and sincerity in his comments.

One should read this blog with an open heart. Personally I found this blog very useful and offer certain critical comments on daily financial issues that affect us.

All young men and women should visit this blog and read with sincerity.

I have personally recommended my nephew who has just graduated from NUS and started working in Singapore recently to read this blog for its useful and practical comments.

Best regards and happy new year to Mr. Tan and family.

G C Tham

Tan Kin Lian said...

Two people said that the troublesome person must be an agent of NTUC Income. But, I know this person and he is NOT an agent.

Achieva Links said...

Mr Tan, these people are envy of your success in this blog :).

At your stage you can always sit back and do what you like to do. Your selfless and compassionate thoughts for the people at large is admirable and applaudable.

No need to take it to heart and you will always have our support to make this blog work for the people.

Anonymous said...

REX comments as follows,

It is obvious that this blog contains a wealth of information form some of the best minds in the field of insurance, finance and others.

However, sadly lacking is an indexing system. Many times very good postings are contributed on daily basis not just by our host, but by guests as well. The posts get pushed down the time line based filing hierachy. It is like hunting for the proverbial needle in a haystack, if one desires to retrieve a blog posters' comment 3 months ago. Things will get worse as the volume of text keep increasing daily.

If i am not wrong, there is no "subscribe to thread" feature even. (many blogs have this) I have difficult remembering which articles i have to monitor because of that. Maybe i missed the link i dunno.

It is a pity that this priceless treasury of information will be lost and forgoteen if a user friendly indexing system is not made available.


Anonymous said...

More people are reading your blog about insurance and they realised that they have been short changed by their agents.When they brought this up with their agents these agents are not happy and blamed you for exposing them. Some ntuc agents lost their business because of this and these people who attacked you might be the ntuc agents.
It shows your blog is effective in educating the public and to expose the unethical practices of insurance agents.

Anonymous said...

Focus on the message and its content, not the messenger. This is more so on the internet. For example, just because LKY is LKY, doesn't mean the message is credible.

Anonymous said...

After the implosion of Jubilee, Pinnacle and Minibond, how to trust agent as they don't even understand those products or worse, misrepresented those products without reading the prospectus. We, the investing public, were looking up to them to help us and match our needs but instead they sold us a bomb. So, when trouble happened, they just disappeared and we have to face the problem on our own and find our own solution.

Don't blame this blog for having lesser customers, it just that the customers have learnt his lesson the hard way. Insurance agent must upgrade their competent level and sell those products in a prfessional mannner i.e. read the prospectus and understand the product instead of just pushing because you have the trust of your customers.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of ntuc agents not happy with you. So they are suspects.
Anyway , ignore them. It is disappointing that they have been caught up with the new fad. Your cooperative values have died with them.

Ghim Moh Resident said...

When free, I always surf your blog!

Happy New Year!

Time to reflect the past year and what to accomplish in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,
99% of my posting are normally cleared by you but I am puzzled that 1% is not. They offered different views but did not attack you. May be better if you have an OB marker so we all know.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I allow postings that are sincere and honest.

I disallow the following:
a) defamatory
b) malicious
c) mischievous
d) unfair attacks against me or others

If your positing does not fit the "banned" categories, it may be rejected by mistake.

I have so many postings from the mischievous person that your comments may have been mis-identified to belong to that person.

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