Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Split within the PAP?

An interesting article about the two candidates from the PAP


Anonymous said...

Actually, there are 3 candidates from the PAP: Tan Cheng Bok, Tony Tan and you, Tan Kin Lian. All three of you have since resigned from the party, but that doesn't change the fact that all of you are linked to the PAP, in your case it was for 30 years.

Willy Wee

Tan Kin Lian said...

I have never been a MP or minister. That makes a lot of difference. You can read my posting about how little influence I had, as a cadre member for 30 years. It is embarrassing, but is the truth.

C H Yak said...

Obviously they once belonged to one single party, but individually they are 3 different persons...with different values and drives.

symmetrix said...

Granted, all 3 candidates have had links with the PAP in the past.

However, only TKL has left PAP years ago, and had the least influence, power and inside connection with the PAP. It would be a tad unfair to paint all 3 candidates with the same brush.

yujuan said...

Come on, no one in money-crazy Singapore would sacrifice their precious time to really work for the people, all without motive?
In front of their eyes is a route to riches if they are picked, first as MP, then maybe as a Minister, all without being tested in exams, just cling tightly to the GRC's Minister's pants. You should see how these Grassroots behave in front of their ward's Minister, fawning him as if he is God, and trying all means to catch his attention, and sprucing up the surrounding premises just to impress him.
Once a Grassroot came over to sell some tickets for funding purposes, and when asked to show identification, his face turned black and stomped off in anger.
In retrospect, can't blame these
clowns, they must justify their time's spent by trying to hitch on the PAP Elites' train, the only way to raise themselves up in status and wealth.
As we have guessed right, all MPs
are expected to adhere to groupthink and groupbehave, or else they get the stick from the all powerful Grandmaster, LKY.
Now we know why Tan Cheng Bok seized on the retirement of LKY from the Cabinet to announce his intention for the EP contest.
And why Nathan keeps on expressing his gratefulness to the PAP for allowing him to take on the President's seat for a 2nd term, because TCB was forced to back off
by the PM's father. No wonder Nathan has to act dumb dumb all these two terms to show gratitude.
Great. A contest between an Elite, an exElite and an independent non Elite. Citizens are now all fired up with excitement all over again.
Think it's worth the time sacrifice to vote the second time.

Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian, just because you didn't become an MP or a Minister doesn't mean you are divorced from the PAP. You were a high-ranking cadre for 30 years, and yet you try to paint the other two candidates as having a "split within the PAP"? Come on, we can all see what you are trying to do. All the candidates have left PAP, and Tan Cheng Bok left it long ago, before you did. At least, while he was a PAP member, he spoke out against the government. When you were NTUC CEO, you were noticeably quiet, collecting your huge salary. Over the years, how much have you collected from NTUC? More than a million a year?


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