Monday, August 08, 2011

National Day Message from Tan Kin Lian

Watch the National Day message, in four languages, from Tan Kin Lian - to be streamed live on 8 August at 10 pm at this channel:


Vincent Sear said...

I've wondered for a long time. Why should the pre-National Day message and post-National Day message on TV be delievered by the PM, who has his fair share of political detractors in Parliament depending on the times and the support. I think the message and rally should be delivered by the President, as constitutionally the President is the unifying symbol for our sovereignty.

If PAP (or any other other party) wants to have their own ND message or rally, they should pay to buy TV airtime and rent venue themselves, not leveraging on their position in power to get free airtime and venue paid from taxpayers' money. Such leveraging through the past decades led the to the disadvantaging of opposition parties and the entrenching of a single party whether the people think that they're right or not.

Anonymous said...

You should wear a pair of specs.
It will make you look stately and hide the twitching of your eyelids.

yujuan said...

Mr. TKL.
That is the gungho spirit that we appreciate, never mind whether the Puppet PEC would dare to grade you eligible or not, it's not important to us.
Since you can't beat the system, may as well join them. That's right, broadcast your National Day Message.
Since PM Lee said National Day is for every Singaporean, who says you can't broadcast it too in the capacity of a citizen's right.
Nothing venture, nothing gain.
We don't want another diam diam President any more. Shanmugan could talk till the cows come home, who cares about his flipflopping comments.
Jia Yew.

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