Sunday, August 07, 2011

Victims of Spa packages

Dear Mr Tan,
As you are seen as the voice of the common people in Singapore. I hope
you will help to spread the word to the estimated 20,000
True Spa & Subtle Senses victims.

Please join us in the fight to get back our money.​/170620749615018/

Thank you,
Ally Lee

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yujuan said...

Hi Ally

No malice here. Just cut your losses.What you've endured is part of the social moral degradation of Singapore society. Just be more street smart and don't ever believe in people doing business and those that make money from commissions.
Beware of salons, there is one who sells services for hair loss treatment, using European Herbs, who sells you a package, and halfway through the treatment, tries to sell you another package and claims that it's more effective, before you even finish half of the paid sessions. It's that unethical now. Gone are the days of morality in Singapore, it's making money first, morals cast to the dogs.
So, just cut your losses, treat being doped as a taught lesson, though expensive. And move on.

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