Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Treating cancer

My friend made this observation. He had a younger brother who died from lung cancer at around 50 after a costly treatment. Another young brother is now in a bad state, also suffering from cancer. The chance of recovery is small.

He has seen many cases of expensive cancer treatments that were unsuccessful. He said that the simple cancers, such as breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer can be treated, but the other cancers have low chance of recovery.

Read some of the actual cases shown here.


yujuan said...

It is very easy for TKL to come to this conclusion that if the cancer advanced to a late stage, the cure is slim. If the patient is someone very dear to you, think you would think twice before commenting.
Ever come across a friend who had 4th Stage breast cancer, who would not give up the fight, and sold a house to finance her costs. She survived and is now in remission for 10 years now. Is this considered a cure? Only God could determine it. The mind could control the body, it's will power that triumphs in many times.
Of course when you don't have assets to sell, that's the end for patient, or the family falling into heavy debt, with the Ministry of Health, looking on nonchalantly
and shrugging its shoulders.
What's the point of contributing to the country's reserves, which do not benefit needy citizens in times of need in such life and death matters. Rather than losing some of the Reserves in botched overseas investments, channel some to take care of us citizens in servicing our medical costs. Of course, it's just wistful thinking.
Here, die die is your business, and we are expected to be grateful citizens. No way, we are forced to think of self first, country last.
The system here nurtures us this thinking. This is survival mode in this callous environment.

Anonymous said...

For late stage cancer, there may be a cure on a case by case basis but statistically speaking the chances are very low.

There were cases of even rich and prominent people who died of cancer at a not-that-old age.

This shows that money may buy the best treatment (including overseas) but not recovery from cancer.

Sometimes cancer is not a disease due to our fault or within our control but more of genetics so whether rich or poor just leave it to fate.

Anonymous said...

It's overly pragmatic. Life cannot be measured in dollars and cents. A more balanced view needs to be taken, and medical/scientific facts need to be gotten right. Sorry, I disagree.

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