Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Could it be due to sabotage?

I wonder if the damage to the collector shoes in the MRT trains could be due to sabotage? After all, we knew about the inadequate security in the MRT depots where vandals were allowed to deface the trains. Any views?


Lye Khuen Way said...

That sabotage probability was probably what prompted the PM to cut short his leave to announce an Inquiry. No need to blow up or de-rail. Just shut down the lines on a workday or two will have same or bigger impact.

yujuan said...

What is at the back of the mind is one day a derailment, or 2 train cabin collision, or even worse a terrorist attack, would happen, with the dida apa attitude of the SMRT management.

rex said...

rex comments as follows,

It is not due to sabotage. It is a systematic technical failure of the NS line and then circle line and also NE line as well.

There are two related issues.
The first is overloading. You can;t make a 5kg washing machine wash 9kg of clothes. The machine could be functioning for 20 years no fault, but once you overload it beyond the specs, it wears out faster. The shoes damage is quite evidently due to overstress, more trains are added (3tonnes on full load) and as well, run at higher speed. Some compatibility issues (new trains vs. old tracks) may also exacerbate the problem. DO TAKE NOTE, the LTA said they do not discount the fact that the higher loads may be the culprit.

The second issue is Signalling issue. This can be software fault. It is very common in train systems.

(ps. PM wanted Inquiry, not because he felt it was sabotage. It is political pressure and obvious thing to be done in a Systematic and Catastrophe like this!)


C H Yak said...

No, I think SMRT'S top management is "directionless" while the lower ranks are all waiting for "directions". They only think about "profits". Profits driven.

Sad with their lack of corporate social responsibilty.

In a latest incident, a China visitor landed in hospital after a serious head injury in a SMRT bus along Orchard Road when it suddenly jammed brakes. She is now in a coma, part of the brain had to be removed due to tramatic brain injury as reported. The Thai girl who lost her legs at AMK MRT accident, they might escape responsibility. See if they escape this one too?

Do you need to and can you speed on Orchard Rd? Do buses need to turn around so fast? If so then employ more drivers and give them a decent break. There is certainly not enough drivers. At meal times, suddenly some services are not available.

And the Union Chief is talking about "education and training". My goodness. They still can find time for this ? Now LTA is talking about Singapore becoming a regional centre for land transport excellence ... soft system methodology again ... spend money and bring in Consultants ??? They should stick to the basics. More drivers and more buses to cut waiting time.

SMRT - A Public Transporter that Went Terribly Wrong with its Business Model

veronika said...

I think it is a confluence of events.

Despite the increased loads, the system should be able to handle it.
Signalling issues are inherent to all train systems.

Initial reports suggest that the "claws" holding up the 3rd rail gave way. This is probably related to the additional "floating" slabs that support the rails within the Central Business District, to dampen vibrations to offices there.

These components are not thought to require frequent inspections.

Would it have been noticed? I doubt, since it is not within the inspection check lists. Would you check the entire length of your household wiring every day, weekly, monthly or every 5 years?

I would define this incident as pure arse luck.
And to make it worse, their crisis folder collected dust with just a few people having bothered to read it.

The timming magnified the incident and to add more, there were 2 other delays within a span of 3 days. Not to mention the latest incident of a passenger being in a state of comatose after falling while on an SMRT bus!

It certainly exposed weaknesses in their public relations department.

This having taken place within months of a General Elections AND a Presidential Election both of which indicated that the people are not happy with the status quo,
would surely draw lots of fire.. an opportunity to grind the axe further!!

I certainly am glad I am not working in THAT company now!

Imagine the overtime! It wont be a merry xmas for them.

C H Yak said...

Tend to agree with this article by BN Balji here :-

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