Sunday, December 18, 2011

Transport woes - cartoon by Wing Lee

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yujuan said...

With so much setbacks, CEO Saw is still sitting snugly in her Corporate chair. Net rumours say she is close to SMRT main shareholder Temasek Holdings's CEO, Ms Ho Ching.
As long as she could increase the dough for Temasek through retail letting, it dun matter whether she's really suitable for the job of providing a transport service.
What is a retail specialist doing an engineering based job of a mass transport system. Croynism and nepotism at play to this extent.
Saw dun even understand the concept and need of a back up system.
The picture of Chen Sow Mao taking the free shuttle bus at the MRT Station bus stop speaks a thousand words. First world country with a third world mass rail system.
Told you already, we need more opposition in Parliament, citizens pay gold but get monkeys instead.

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