Monday, December 26, 2011

Survey on Taxi Service

Please take part in this survey on Taxi Service in Singapore


Tan Kin Lian said...

Here are some comments posted in the survey:

Taxi fares are now too complicated and expensive, this really need to be regulated to a more acceptable level.

I prefer a simple fare system that factor in all charges/fees into the meter display price and I like to pay accordingly to the meter price when I reach my destination. This also prevent many unnecessary explanation or argument when paying the fares. I believe this also benefits many tourist to Singapore and for those who do not understand our complicated charging schedules or have difficulties with English/Chinese/Malay/Indian languages..

lta should ensure taxi operators utilize gps technology to optimize demand and supply matching to ensure efficiencies

No peak hour surcharge on weekends and public holidays please. Thank you.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Additional comments in survey

Offer re-contracts to all existing drivers. Contracts will include mandatory attendence of quartely reviews of customer service and common pax complaints & service shorfatlls. Failure to attend at least 2 reviews per year will incurr suspension of license Currently, drivers are rude, loutish, choosy and grumblers. This is very poor attitude and new issue of licenses should include an aptitude test. Just because on is unable to get a normal job does not mean a taxi drivers' license is a given.

keep the fare structure simple, remove most of the surcharges (like Peak Hour, CBD, Public Holiday). taxi fare is very confusing to people.

Call booking should be made free. Taxi would not need to ply empty looking for fares, incurring fuel cost and causing pollution. Follow Hong Kong system. Taxi drivers should own their taxi. Renting eats up a chunk of their income. Fare hikes are usually followed by rental hikes. The system should be changed. COEs for taxi should be separately allocated. Public transport should have it's own quota.

keep improving said...

As a form of public transportation, taxis to be excluded from COE tenders, taxi drivers to be paid a fixed monthly salary (same as bus drivers and accorded benefits, etc) with centralised hotline for all complaints/investigations.

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