Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who's in charge of bird nuisance

Read this CNA report about the bird nuisance and the uncertainty on which agency is in charge of the problem.
This type of problem and is typical of Singapore and is part of our culture to push responsibility from one party to another.

The answer to this problem is straight forward. We have only one Government. The problem can be taken by any government agency and is then passed internally to the right agency to handle the problem. The uncertainty should not even be known to the public. 


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, I was NOT amused either when I watch that CNA report last evening !
The PM may need to create another Agency ! Uniquely Singapore.
Maybe, some smart Alek, will suggest that a private pest control company be engaged... Remember that WWII Ordnance incidence ?

yujuan said...

Even before such dirty linen are washed in public, we all know there are divisions within the various Govt Agencies.
Ditto between the hardliners and the moderates within the the PAP. As citizens we just watch the fire from the other shore, very soon there would be infighting within.

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