Saturday, June 09, 2012

Improvement to traffic light at Bugis

LTA has taken urgent steps to improve the traffic light at Bugis, where two serious accidents occurred recently. Article.

A taxi driver told me that the problem was noticed by many taxi drivers earlier, but they did not know who to report to. We need to improve our system of getting feedback from the public and acting on the feedback promptly - rather than wait for a serious accident to occur before taking action.

In recent years, there is a tendency of many government agencies to avoid taking responsibility and to point fingers to other agencies. We have to find a solution to change this bad habit.


Tan Kin Lian said...

According to the taxi driver, the previous traffic lights were misleading, and was the cause of the accident.

yujuan said...

Told you already, you need many people to die or be injured, before Govt would move their butts off the comfortable chair and take action, and with immediate effect after many taichi stand-off exercises.
Ditto with the many deaths of maids cleaning their employers' windows.
Very strange, the Indonesian Embassy here could tolerate this for so many years.

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