Thursday, June 07, 2012

Shoebox units

I agree with Conrad Raj that the Government should not interfere in the market for small size apartments, also called shoebox units. Article. The purchasers are fully aware about what they are buying and they have their reason to buy small units, which in most cases is all they can afford, giving the high property prices in Singapore.

The Government should intervene in the right areas, for example, when consumers are being cheated or bullied by the big businesses. 


yujuan said...

These tiny apartments suit Singles, married couples who can't or dun intend to have children, divorcees with one child, widows/widowers and retirees with/without spouses.
Perhaps the Authorities should adjust the ratio of such units within a Development, a mix of various sizes encourage resident bonding, a all shoebox building tend to breed a cut-off dida apa behaviour, no different from a hotel room unit.
Capitaland CEO hasn't step out of the shadow of his one-room childhood upbringing, but as pointed out by TKL, purchasers have their own reasons, a boastful rag to riches Mr. Leong should be more circumspect in his comments.

C H Yak said...

Somebody just could not stand the competition. LOL.

When EC could marginalise better property class in the niche he is competing and the Shoeboxes are grabbing away at the lower end ... how to keep quiet ??? ... espcially if China mkt is not making hay ...

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