Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rise of mega churches


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, these modern pastors/preachers of the mega churches do worship money just like the ruling party.

Very good organizational abilities, I must say.
Ah! If only, they do Real Worthy Good for the Community and God.

I do not belong to any faith but am sure whichever God, one believe in, do not need money!

Tan Choon Hong said...

The reports about CHC introduced me to the term “prosperity gospel”. A quick viewing on YouTube helped me understand what it is all about… prosperity for the church leaders through manipulating the minds of the congregation.

Unlike the “liberation theology” movement of the 70s which was a force for good in helping the down trodden rise against their oppressors, today’s proponents of “prosperity gospel” are not helping those seeking salvation, but helping themselves to the donations received.

yujuan said...

Hope that the controversy about CHC
won't make people, not of the Christian faith, paint all Christians with "the same brush".
Kong Hee, who started the CHC, started with good noble intentions, but when Vit M kept rolling in as tithes, he could not escape Satan's edging, and temptations took over his beliefs, and became his own "prosperity gospel". Self vanity
became his belief.
Although we dun accept his self-proclaimed brand of Christianity, we admire his creative intellect, and his sermons posted on youtube is very engaging, having a shrewd grasp of the human mind, marrying the traditional Chinese respect for ancestral worship and their ancient Chinese culture with Christian beliefs.
A very charismatic man, a born orator with a high IQ.
However, we are still mainstream Christians, hope that people would know how to separate the grains from the stalks. Money is the root of all evils, even in Christianity, and could easily lead a good man astray, or as we Christians say, be tempted by Satan.

Anonymous said...

Money is not a living thing, so, it can not be good nor bad. I suggest temples and churches channel donations which they have collected to hospitals, schools, old-folk home, orphanages and research facilities.

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