Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cheaper at Changi Airport

I visited Guardian Pharmacy at the airport, after passing through immigration. I asked the staff, "are your prices here higher than the shops outside the airport?". He replied, "We charge the same price here in all our outlets. At Changi Airport, we do not charge GST, so you get it cheaper here."


Bugs said...

It's true only if u buy from same company.
Once I bought a cough medicine from airport T3 Watson, after deducting the GST is $10+... Then few days later I saw the same medicine in Chinatown , only $7.50/-
Today I wanted to buy some Vitamin C tablets that I used to buy from Mustafa, I don't mind to pay a little more, but after learning the same item, mustafa selling $4.30/- but Guardian selling $6.40/-... I walked away.. It's too much a price different.

yujuan said...

Agree. Could get much cheaper same products from other smaller HDB stores or chain stores like CK Dept.
But the cheapest store is still Mustaffa, the variety is also mind boggling, and they dispense prescription drugs too.
Guardian has tamed down a bit, before the arrival of Watsons, they set prices like a King.
Better avoid Guardian stores if possible, they open crocodile mouths.

Weng Mao Fa said...

Bug:"I bought a cough medicine from airport T3 Watsonairport T3 Watson, after deducting the GST is $10..."

If prescribed by Woodlandd Polyclinic's doctor, it costs only 70 cents/bottle (Made by ICM Pharma, Singapore)

Weng Mao Fa said...

At Polyclinic, there is no GST as well. Days ago, my 90yo father consulted doctor plus medicine for flu/fever cost only $7.

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