Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Financial Planning Talk for Near Retirees

I am conducting a 3 hour talk on financial planning for people who are
approaching retirement age.

The fee for this talk is usually $30, but it is now provided free as the
cost is sponsored by Singapore Lifestyle Planners.

The topics for this talk is set out in this brochure

Date: 29 September 2012, Saturday
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Venue: SMU Administration Building, Function Room 4.1

If you are interested to attend the talk, please register early here:

The advertisement for this talk will appear in the Straits Times this Friday
and also, so I like to tell you about it earlier before it goes
public, in case you are interested to attend.


zhummmeng said...

Remember to mention that insurance products, wholelife, endowment or those so called endowment that are disguised as retirement products, CANNOT help consumers to retire. These products are very poor and inefficient to generate wealth.
They are NOT low risk. The fact they CANNOT meet retirement needs means they are risky.
Consumers must know that if products that are less risky in the short term are very risky in the long term...or they guarantee loss in the long term.
Consumers must know also that insurance products lose money in the first few years (face value/real value) and lose real value in the long term.So why use insurance products to accumulate funds for retirement? It is suicide, right?
Consumers must learn all this. I urge consumers to attend Mr. TanKL's talk to protect yourselves against the lack conscience, incompetent and commission hungry insurance agents.They are not qualified retirement planners and they can't plan foe your retirement. They plan their
commission and their own
Consumers, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

zhummmeng said...

Also tell the attendees the current commission driven insurance model is unsuitable because the odds are stacked high against the interest of consumers.The consumers should know that they are paying a lot for less....low protection and low return.Why? the insurance agents are paid over 160% of the premium consumers pay and what about the other people in the insurance company like the ceo and other senior management staff.
These insurance people said they are not paid 160% but 120%. But 120% is still a lot. They deserve only 40% at most and to be paid over 6 years for product peddling.I reckon 40% is already over paid for filling up forms, submitting application and meeting the customers ...and of course for filing claim on the customers' behalf....big deal, otherwise the insurer will refuse payment?
Before premium is saved and invested the agents, the managers, the ceo , the senior managers are paid first. That is why they are fighting hard to retain status quo because all these people's interest is embedded in the commission which is never disclosed to you, right?
It is time consumers wake up from the comatose state and learn the truth from Mr. TanKL. Don't become the cash cows of these insurance people and being milked without knowing it.

Tan Kin Lian said...

70 people have registered for this free talk already. The registration will close when the full capacity is taken up.

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