Saturday, October 13, 2012

Motorists to be hit in the pocket again

A new GPS system of charging self-drive commuters
adds pressure to switch to public transport.
(Photo: Spluch)
In time, the GPS method of charging may become
even more unpopular
than the current electronic gantry system.
Some people believe it would be implemented
either long before or after 2016, the next general election.


Unknown said...

Maybe this is a better way to increase car ownership but to reduce usage. That is car owner have to think thrice before driving their cars out of parking space and contributing to road congestion.

To be fair, the government must make public transport much more comfortable to ride on and frquesnt. Limiting the number of passengers per bus or train coach will be most welcome. How about no more than 5 standing passengers?

yujuan said...

Yes, this would benefit motorists who drive less, and make usage more careful, thus leading to less congestion.
But it will hit the salesman and courier man harder, already the courier costs have recently jumped upwards by at least 40%, and would further increase business costs.

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