Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Slow access to data

Recently, I experienced slow access to data on 3G and broadband, in my home and the office. I used two providers, i.e. SingTel and Starhub. Have you also experienced the slow and unreliable response?


yujuan said...

Yes, same here.
Very malu, so behind South Korea, even behind China.

Anonymous said...

Ya I signed up for the 50mpbs package but most of the time the actual speed is only 1 Mbps and once a while one get the max of 2 mpbs.

Jav Fish said...

Yes, sometimes I seriously wonder if my 10Mbps is really that speed. I just hope there is no foul play to make pple to sign up for fibre broadband.

Redstar said...

I have the worst experience with StarHub; they made me vomit blood constantly. When my mobile contract with monthly data plan is due, I will forever ban this company from entering my precious life, and making my life painful & miserable.

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