Saturday, November 10, 2012

Misleading disclaimer notice

Retailers are putting up notices on "no refund, good not returnable". This is illegal in Malaysia.

We need to check on the law in Singapore.

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Spur said...

With the passage of the "Lemon" law, I think retailers are obliged for refunds and/or exchange if the goods sold are defective or does not meet expectations as stated in the sales / marketing.

But the culture of consumer rights in S'pore is still lacking and in its infancy. This is mainly due to the low importance of human rights in S'pore since thousands of years ago until very recently. S'poreans don't know about this new "Lemon law" and they also don't know how to demand their consumer rights.

Furthermore, most retailers are SMEs, who don't really care about consumer rights. Many retailers are also now operated by foreigners such as Chinese, Indians, Burmese, Filippino, Thai etc, and they care even less about consumer rights.

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