Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Starhub Roaming Service

I travel to Indonesia and Thailand regularly. I refuse to use Starhub roaming service as the charges are too high. Starhub charges $15 a day for data access. I bought a data card from Indonesia that is a valid for use for 1 year for about $30.

Starhub sells a prepaid card for $17 with 100 MB of data, SMS and talk time. I assume that their local partners provide the service at similar charges to their customers on their pre-paid card.

I am willing to pay $8 a day for data access (up to a certain limit), local calls and SMS. If Starhub partners can make it available at this price, I will buy the service. This can be shared between Starhub and the local partner.

If Starhub and its Conexus partners continue to charge unrealistic rates, consumers like me will continue to find other channels. I refuse to take incoming calls and will buy a local data card, even if it is a little inconvenient.  Starhub should be realistic and charge reasonable rates.

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