Friday, January 04, 2013

Getting replies from Government websites

I received this email from the CPF each month.  It is difficult to get the reply from the CPF website. The process is time consuming and troublesome.
It is much easier for me if they sent the reply directly to my e-mail address or use the OneInBox that was announced two years ago and still not implemented yet. It is a simple system, but is taking ages to implement. Singapore has become quite inefficient.

Dear Employer
The electronic Record of Payment (eROP) for payment received on 02 Jan 2013 under CPF Submission Number 200700231C-PTE-01 is ready for viewing. To view:

1) Please login to CPF e-Submission website and select "View Record of Payment".
2) Select the Statement No. to view the eROP.

Yours faithfully
Electronic Submission Section
Central Provident Fund Board

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